Usb To Serial Troubleshooting Windows 7

Missing USB 2.0 Support USB 2.0 support has been included in virtually all systems built in the last five years or so. However, it s possible to configure a system so.

If you connect a USB storage device, such as a flash drive, the device may not appear in the Safely Remove Hardware window when you click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows desktop notification area.

Figure : Safely Remove Hardware task tray icon

USB storage device: The USB device may not appear if it was stopped previously and not unplugged from the USB port. Use the following steps to cause the device to appear in the Safely Remove Hardware window:

Unplug the device, wait approximately 20 seconds, and then plug the device back in.

The device should appear in the list of the Safely Remove Hardware window.

If the device does not appear in the list, then restart the computer and repeat step 1.

Memory card in a USB card reader: If the device is a memory card in a USB card reader, restarting the computer should correct the problem.


Do not use the Safely Remove Hardware icon to remove a memory card. To remove a memory card, use Windows to eject the card by following these steps:

Insert a memory card when the light on the reader is not flashing.

An Autoplay window appears. If it does not appear, open the card using Window Explorer.

The memory card has a drive letter associated with it, just like a thumb drive, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, or hard drive. Use the memory card as you would use any other drive on the computer. For example, double-click the memory card icon to open a new window showing the files on the CompactFlash card.

When you have finished working with the files on a memory card, right-click the memory card icon and select Eject.

Figure : Eject feature in Windows 7

Wait for the light on the memory card reader to turn off or stop flashing. Then remove the memory card from its slot.

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usb to serial troubleshooting windows 7

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usb to serial troubleshooting windows 7

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