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Welcome to Bedico Creek Preserve, home to St. Tammany Parish s newest master planned community.  Bedico Creek is a thriving development by renowned Developer David Waltemath who has turned this 1,000-acre property into a Conservation Community development with over 60 of the land dedicated to parks and green spaces.

There is a rich and interesting History to Bedico Creek Preserve in getting where it is today but one thing is for sure, Bedico Creek will become one of the most outstanding communities in the South. Currently we have 10 Neighborhoods of different style and character and a constantly growing list of St. Tammany Parish s most qualified and award winning Builders building homes in the community.  Bedico Creek features Lots for Sale from the Mid 40 s to the 250 s and Homes for Sale from the 250 s – Over 1 Million.

So Why Not Buy One Lot and Get 500 Acres Free.

So, whether you are looking for a new homesite or a new or custom home, you can find both within many existing and planned Neighborhoods at Bedico Creek. Surrounding your neighborhood is almost 500 Acres of parks, green space, and water features throughout a community that is being developed as a nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary right here in Madisonville, Louisiana.

For More Information About the Community and the Homes Lots For Sale, Please Contact Us at 985-845-4200 or E-mail Us at Info

Home to St. Tammany Parish s newest master planned community, Bedico Creek Preserve incorporates new lots for sale to build new homes for sale in a natural.

Home - Bedico Creek Preserve

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Conquer Online Patch 6177. This where you can download the latest patch Conquer Online to benefit from the latest fixes.

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PS3SceneFiles your nr1 download site. Built-based OFW 4.76 Disabled the CoreOS and control ECDSA LV1: patched to remove the protection LV2.

Conquer Online Patch 6171

This where you can download the latest patch Conquer Online to benefit from the latest fixes

Dec 29th 2015, GMT


Zombasite Patch 0.912

Help the zombie apocalypse run smoother with the latest patch for Soldak s survival RPG, Zombasite

Dec 28th 2015, GMT


Eudemons Online Client Patch 1839

Explore a fascinating realm and use your own personal demons to defeat the armies of evil

Dec 17th 2015, GMT


World of Tanks Patch 9.13

A rather big but necessary patch for World of Tanks players who want to apply the latest fixes and

Dec 16th 2015, GMT


BlackShot Online Patch 1.40-1025

A lightweight patch for BlackShot players that aims to fix, update and enhance gameplay


Runes of Magic Patch

Use this patch to fix, update and enhance your Runes of Magic game in a very simple manner

Dec 9th 2015, GMT

Age of Wushu Online Patch

This is the latest manual patch for the martial arts massively multiplayer online game Age of Wushu.

Nov 30th 2015, GMT


ACE Online Patch

Fix game bugs, apply gameplay balancing changes and more by downloading this ACE Online patch

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Lost Constellation

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Valve s humor packed first-person tactical shooter that comes at you with with everything you can possibly want, even hats





UnityLeague of Legends ClientWorld of TanksWarframe: Echoes of the Sentient Online ClientDota 2NosgothHalf-Life 2: UpdateTeam Fortress 2Lost ConstellationUnreal Tournament 4GOG GalaxyHeroes of the Storm Open BetaDirty BombWorld of Warships Online ClientRising Thunder


World of Warplanes Patch 1.9.2

Download now the latest official patch for World of Warplanes and keep your game up to date.

Nov 27th 2015, GMT

Dragon Raja Patch 85

This is the latest patch for the MMORPG Dragon Raja.

Nov 22nd 2015, GMT

Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.11

This is the latest firmware update for the Sony PlayStation 4 entertainment consoles

Nov 10th 2015, GMT

Emu Loader Patch 7.9.6

This is the latest patch for Emu Loader

Nov 9th 2015, GMT

Soldat Patch 1.6.9

Multiplayer game action side-view 2d Liero Quake Worms Counter-Strike LAN

Nov 2nd 2015, GMT


Capitalism II Patch 1.09

Checkout the latest patch for the game Capitalism II.

Oct 24th 2015, GMT

Farming Simulator 15 Patch 1.4.1

The latest patch for Farming Simulator 15 meant to bring a series of improvements and fixes

Oct 22nd 2015, GMT


Conquista Patch 8739

This is the latest patch for Conquista which delivers the latest updates, fixes and game enhanceme

Oct 15th 2015, GMT

FIFA 07 Transfer Patch 2016

Update your FIFA 07 installation with the 2016 roster changes and enjoy the game for one more year

Sep 28th 2015, GMT


Chris Lee-Egan s Dragon Age: Inquisition Mechanics Character Building Guide v1.8.