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Kevin Cochrane of Adobe: Everyone Is a Marketer

By Brent Leary - June 22, 2012

These days, it s true. No matter how large or how small your business, everyone is a marketer. Heck, you don t even have to own a business. Let s face it, everyone is marketing themselves or selling something, on some level, somewhere online, nowadays. Tune in as Kevin Cochrane, Vice President of

Valpak Extends Online Presence with Acquisition of

By Susan Payton - June 22, 2012

Best known for its snail mailers, Valpak, a subsidiary of Cox Target Media, is increasing its online presence. This week, the company announced its acquisition of  as well as its sister site, London-based, an online source for savings, personalized deals and tips for saving money. The

Yay, Nay: Err.. . Purr, Hiss

By Mark Anderson - June 22, 2012

You look at this cartoon and it s pretty easy, right. Instead of the yeas and nays of people voting, you get purrs and hisses of these cats. Except that it s not really so easy.

You ve got to draw an odd number of cats so the vote can work. You ve

Tumblr iOS App Tumbles Out and Other Mobile Developments are Coming

By Small Business News - June 22, 2012

Mobile applications are multiplying at a fantastic rate, an important trend to watch for any entrepreneur doing business regularly online. It s something to keep in mind at every step of the way while planning your marketing strategy and general business plan, not to mention when deciding on what apps to

3 Things Your Team Can t Afford To Hear

By Jamillah Warner - June 21, 2012

You can t say everything in front of everybody. In fact, your team cannot afford to hear your confusion, your complaining or your income. All three will mess with their head and their focus in one way or another. Your Team Needs a Clear Message 

They need an

The Terms of Business: How to Negotiate a Partnership Agreement

By Prasad Thammineni - June 21, 2012

Finding a partner who wants to play ball with you seems like a difficult task, but when you take a look at the process, it s negotiating the terms of a partnership agreement that requires true business savvy. Like Ben Hogan s legendary golf swing, follow-through is the key, consistent element to

Cooling Off Your Summer A/C Bills

By Kelly Spors - June 21, 2012

Work up a sweat just thinking about business s air-conditioning bills this summer. Believe it or not, your electric company may be able to cut you a deal.

Many electric providers are under pressure to reduce demand load in the hot summer months in order to avoid blackouts

Microsoft Announcement is Tip of the Iceberg with More Beneath the Surface

By Small Business News - June 21, 2012

With Microsoft s announcement of its new Surface family of PCs Monday, we ve had readers express interest in more details about the new computers and tablets and what they may offer to small businesses in the future. We ve collected some details from around the Web. Here s more on the release that

Have You Reinvented Your Business Lately.

By Rieva Lesonsky - June 20, 2012

What has it taken to keep your small business thriving or even just surviving for the past four years since the U.S. economy crashed. For my business, it s been an ongoing process of reinvention.

Turns out we re not alone: A recent survey out from Citibank found the.

microsoft small business accounting serial

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Microsoft is changing its policy after a Reuters report revealed that the company didn t alert users under similar previous circumstances.

microsoft small business accounting serial
  • The Installer securely delivers software from s servers to your computer. During this process, the Installer may offer other.
  • New Year s Resolution Checklist for Small Businesses. The New Year s holiday is naturally a time to reflect and to look forward. As a small business owner, it s.
  • Providing businesses with turn-key solutions that include software, hardware and services. Established in 1989, our company specializes in Internet Intranet.
  • Thor Shelton, Connecticut For 10 years Thor, a Connecticut based multinational distributor of specialty chemicals, had been using Microsoft Dynamics SL Solomon.
microsoft small business accounting serial