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Illustrated topics created with consumers in mind, covering dentistry and dental conditions, treatments, procedures and products.

GOM PICKER Information about dentistry, dental procedures and oral conditions for consumers.

Follow us. - New content. New smile makeovers. Dental eCards.

Drill down to information by selecting from these broad categories.

Free Virtual Smile Makeovers - Can we create a dental makeover simulation for you. Send in your own picture and we ll illustrate the types of cosmetic changes your own dentist should be able to make.

Porcelain Veneers - Veneers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain that are bonded onto the front side of teeth so to give them a cosmetic resurfacing.

Lumineers Veneers - Lumineers are a brand of porcelain veneer that can be made so thin that they can often be placed without having to trim back the tooth first.

Dental Crowns - Dentists have been improving the appearance of teeth by way of placing crowns on them for decades.

Dental Bonding - While typically not as lasting as other types of restorations, tooth bonding is an important cosmetic dentistry technique.

Types of dental braces. - Old-style wire braces aren t the only choice any more. Nowadays you have a number of different orthodontic methods to choose from.

Invisalign - Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic system that utilizes a series of removable clear plastic aligners to realign your teeth.

Ceramic clear Braces - This aesthetically-pleasing variation of traditional braces involves the use of tooth-colored or clear orthodontic brackets.

Lingual Braces - Systems like iBraces are similar to traditional braces but they are placed on the backside of the patient s teeth where they can t be seen.

Traditional Braces - The traditional tin-grin is out and a lot of cosmetically-pleasing options are in, including fashion brackets and gold braces.

Orthodontic Retainers - Don t overlook the fact that after having your teeth straightened, you ll need to wear dental retainers.

Professional laser Whitening - In-office treatments can make the best choice for people who feel they need whiter teeth immediately. In just a matter of an hour or two, a dentist can transform the color of your smile.

Tray Whitening - This at-home technique involves the use of clear plastic bleaching trays that are first filled with whitening gel and then placed over your teeth. Individual treatments are performed each day, over some weeks, while the effects of the lightening process take place.

Teeth Whitening Strips - Products like Crest Whitestrips come close to creating the same whitening effect as tray-based systems, without the hassles of wearing bleaching trays.

Teeth Whitening Pens - Brush-on products, like pens, offer a way to lighten teeth without the need for wearing trays or strips.

Root Canal Treatment - Does your tooth require endodontic therapy. No dental procedure has more misconceptions associated with it than this one. Our pages try to put them to rest.

Dental Crowns - Have you been told that your tooth needs a crown. Our pages explain the when s, why s, and how s of this procedure.

Dental Bonding - Tooth bonding is routinely used to create white fillings for both front and back teeth.

Dental Costs and Insurance

Dental Plans and Insurance - If you re looking for dental coverage, we can provide the information you need so you can make an informed choice.

Dental procedure costs - Our index of prices for dental procedures can give you an idea of the expense associated with different types of dental work. But besides just cost, we also explain the different types of options and choices you ll need to make with each of them.

Tooth Extractions - Having a tooth pulled isn t nearly as scary if you know what to expect beforehand.

Wisdom Teeth - Scheduled to have your wisdom teeth out. Learn the how s, why s and when s of this procedure before you have it done.

Dry Sockets - If you re unlucky enough to have a dry socket after your extraction, our pages can help you get through it.

Dental implants - These artificial tooth roots can be used to support a dental crown, bridge or denture.

Tooth Decay - Are you having problems with cavities. Read our pages to learn why you don t have to.

Dental Sealants - This procedure plastic coats strategic portions of a tooth so it s harder for cavities to form.

Baby teeth. - Our pages outline when a child s deciduous teeth usually come in and fall out, and what to do if they re not on schedule. They also explain how, when needed, a space mainatiner can help to prevent future problems.

Electric Toothbrushes - We think anything that helps you to brush more effectively is a good idea. A powered toothbrush can do just that. If you need help figuring out which model to buy, use these links: Picking out the best Sonicares. Picking out the best Oral-B s.

How to use dental floss. - If you re brushing your teeth but not flossing, you re just getting half of the job done.

Denture Care - Tips and pointers about how to care for your dentures, both complete and partial.

Sports Mouthguards - If you participate in sporting events, of pretty much any kind, you should be wearing an athletic mouthguard.

Xylitol - What if there was a great-tasting, all-natural sugar substitute that could help to prevent cavities by over 60. Well, there is. It s xylitol. We ve outlined everything you need to know on XylitolPreventsCavities.com and its FYI facts page.

Cold sores fever blisters - We cover it all, stages and identification, causes, risk factors and treatments.

Canker sores - We ve got identification, causes, risk factors and treatment information for canker sores too.

Bad breath - Do you have bad breath. It s easier to cure than you might expect. Our pages explain how.

Dental quizzes for students - We ve put together a number of dental-related quizzes both free-to-use and advertising-free, intended for students of all age groups and educational levels.

Dental Infographics - Infographics that students can use when making online reports or presentations.

Dental eCards - Need to give someone a reminder about going to the dentist, or encouragement to help them get there. We ve got cards for that.

We also have ones you can use to congratulate kids or adults on having a great check up, tooth fairy eCards once again, both for kids and adults and a category of cards that let people on your dentist s staff including your dentist know how much you appreciate them.

Check out our collection. They re free.

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