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Ok, i have Unreal Tournament, i havent been playing for a while, and i was cleaning up my room for christmas tommaro, and noticed the Unreal Tournament CD i lost almost 5 Months ago. I went crazy, i was so happy. I installed it, but it wont run with the CD, it freezes at the first screen. So.. i talked to my brother, and he said to get the no CD crack because it will work, and wont freeze

Can someone help me out as to where to find a No CD Crack.

For Version 400.



you can try running the 436 patch, that does not require the CD to run. However you will need the CD to run and install the patch.

But after that, you no longer need the CD to play.

do it right.

you download it, you run it, you put the CD in. you follow the onscreen instructions

Can u give me a link to this place then... I dont know where to download it.. like i said.. i havent played in a long time..

I feel bad about having to link you to Fileplanet, but you can get it here.

You ll also need bonus packs 1 and 4 basically essentials and a couple map packs.

Mods are optional but they add so much to offline play it s unbelievable. I recommend U4E even though it s 28 megs, 2 for the patch and 5 for the latest U4E Fortress 10 for the next version.

enjoy is the best place to DL the UT files BP s IMHO

just go to the downloads section relish in the fact that you dont have to sign in, register and sell your soul for a little file

This is yet another good site


Right there is where I get the patches and bonus packs

I get nice speeds there too, over 600kb/s average

If you want speed, go there.

Not only that but that site links to Fileplanet for its download which is what I ORIGINALLY POSTED

you bunch of copycats

The 436 patch links to FilePlanet, but more sites as well.

The bonus packs are from that site directly

My bad.

I didn t see your post when I wrote up mine.

Yes, I do take that long when replying to someone.

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